By All Appearances

GRATITUDE QUOTE – “The anxiety I feel is a result of viewing the world through a reactionary lens”. Nicole Stoddard –

CHAPTER 4 – The First Principle in The Science of Getting Rich – Chapter 4

RIGHTLY RICH QUOTE – “To think what you want to think is to think TRUTH, regardless of appearances”.

As usual casual conversations include small talk about the weather. As of late, they include talk about the economy. Whether or not you really know much about our country’s economic state, (who does?) everyone, including me, has an opinion that gets casually spread across the day like a low-lying gray cloud; from the check-out counter in the grocery store, to the line at bank, or while at the post office picking up that mail, frivoulous words are strung together into meaningless sentences then shared with casual acquaintances, under the guise of “being neighborly.

The spring of 2011 will be remembered, at least in the Intermountain West for the flooding due to double the normal snow pack and over the top rain. I mean really rainy. The economy, by appearances is just as rainy. When I’m asked about how the weather is, I have a great excuse for not getting my lawn mowed, “The grass hasn’t dried out long enough for me to mow it”. 

When I’m asked about how business is, my spirit sinks and I find my mouth taking off on a tangent, as if it is not attached to my brain. Even as I’m telling myself “be positive, be positive”, my motor mouth is lamenting the fact that . . . . Well, I’ll spare you the details.

Today I heard Curtis’ response to “How’s business?” I liked it a lot better than mine. So much so I’m going to adopt it. He answered, “It is as good as can be expected”. This response is an open interpretation that is full of possibility; full of expectation.

Chapter four of The Science of Getting Rich is so full of juicy juice, nifty nuggets, grains of gold. WW gives us the first principle of getting rich. Oh goody, goody gosh. He states;

“To think what you want to think is to think TRUTH, regardless of appearances”.

WW goes on to say that a man that has the ability to think what he wants to think is a Master Mind. If I say to myself, “Nicole, you are a master mind”, and proceed to act accordingly that’s all I have to do right?

Well maybe, but what precedes my actions? My thoughts. What really hit home for me is the sentence WW has just before the 1st principle

“A man’s way of doing things is a direct result of the way he thinks about things”.

An example from my life that illustrates; it was a time when I was hard up for cash at Christmas. I was 8 months pregnant and didn’t have a crib, clothing, any diapers; none of the “necessities” welcome our new baby, due in January. With every gift I opened on Christmas day, my thoughts were, “how much cash can I get for this if I return it to the store”. It wasn’t a lot of money. The gifts really held more value as gifts as they were selected by friends and family for me. However, I followed through on the thought that preceded the action, I return everything that wasn’t homemade and bought diapers.

Today was another short cash-flow day. On a recent business trip I took a cooler of food so I didn’t have to eat out. My thoughts about this were about saving the little bit of cash I’d usually spend on eating out. But, what if . . . what if I chose to eat from a cooler as a personal choice, a preferred option because it’s healthier, (fast food makes me sick, truly). Oh man, nothing changed, nothing changed about the situation, only my thought about the situation. . . I’m all teary-eyed.

Sustained, consecutive thought, according to WW, is the hardest work in the world especially when TRUTH is contrary to appearances. Can I, will I, be able to turn my next “poor mans” thought from straw into gold?

PRACTICING MY PURPOSE – I will take on trust and accept with absolute faith that the principles and concepts taught in this book are true. – Rich Glossary