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We can all finish this sentence . . . “An Attitude of . . . GRATITUDE” of course

GRATITUDE QUOTE: “We are like lutes, once held by God. Being away from His warm body fully explains this constant yearning.” Hafiz from The Gift, Poems by Hafiz, the great Sufi master

CHAPTER 7: Gratitude


Today is post day; I just walked into my office to find a mess awaiting me. Do I ignore it a keep my commitment to post weekly? – which means to have 16 posts with the 16 chapters of Wallace D Wattles book, The Science of Getting Rich on my blog in 16 weeks – or do I listen to the “billowing surge that appears to be conspiring against me” and begin to go through the piles upon piles of office work left undone?

I will rely on last week’s Gratitude Quote was from BenFranklin’s 13 virtues, “Resolve to perform what you ought; perform without fail what you resolve”.

So without further adieu . . . . Continue reading We can all finish this sentence . . . “An Attitude of . . . GRATITUDE” of course

What I Can and Will Use is Abundant Life

GRATITUDE QUOTE: “Resolve to perform what you ought; perform without fail what you resolve” Ben Franklin 



If you have not done so, read Chapter 6 and then read this blog. When I practice impressing my desires upon Formless Substance, my mind fills the need to justify my desires; as if I need to prove . . . somehow . . . to Providence, or God, to the World, to the All in everything, or to the Formless Substance from which all things are made, that I am worthy and justified in making my request. In contemplating why this may be happening, I following this train of thought back to a story from my youth. Since I’m fond of telling stories and this is a good one because I felt “justified”, I’ll share it to Continue reading What I Can and Will Use is Abundant Life

It’s a Matter of Time, and There is Time For You to Get Rich

GRATITUDE QUOTE Consider the lilies of the field how they grow: they toll not, neither do they spin; And yet I say unto you, That even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these. Bible, Luke 12:27

CHAPTER 5 – Increasing Life  Chapter 5

RIGHTLY RICH QUOTEFormless Substance is friendly to me; that the universe desires that I have everything I want to have, that nature is friendly to my plans, everything is naturally for me. I have made up my mind that this is true.

Wallace D. Wattles  is a mind reader. He knows what I stress about; that maybe “my best laid plans have slipped right out of my hands”. I find it easy and a great relief to set my worries aside in the knowledge that Formless Substance is in endless supply and nobody is going to “beat me” to what is rightly mine.

The knowledge that all of us, whether or not we are conscious of it, are subject to the laws of life, gives me hope that I am capable of learning to make use of all the things I want to have, all that I am capable of using and enjoying.  Continue reading It’s a Matter of Time, and There is Time For You to Get Rich

By All Appearances

GRATITUDE QUOTE – “The anxiety I feel is a result of viewing the world through a reactionary lens”. Nicole Stoddard –

CHAPTER 4 – The First Principle in The Science of Getting Rich – Chapter 4

RIGHTLY RICH QUOTE – “To think what you want to think is to think TRUTH, regardless of appearances”.

As usual casual conversations include small talk about the weather. As of late, they include talk about the economy. Whether or not you really know much about our country’s economic state, (who does?) everyone, including me, has an opinion that gets casually spread across the day like a low-lying gray cloud; from the check-out counter in the grocery store, to the line at bank, or while at the post office picking up that mail, frivoulous words are strung together into meaningless sentences then shared with casual acquaintances, under the guise of “being neighborly.

The spring of 2011 will be remembered, at least in the Intermountain West for the flooding due to double the normal snow pack and over the top rain. I mean really rainy. The economy, by appearances is just as rainy. When I’m asked about how the weather is, I have a great excuse for not getting my lawn mowed, “The grass hasn’t dried out long enough for me to mow it”. 

When I’m asked about how business is, my spirit sinks and I find my mouth taking off on a tangent, as if it is not attached to my brain. Even as I’m telling myself “be positive, be positive”, my motor mouth is lamenting the fact that . . . . Well, I’ll spare you the details.

Today I heard Curtis’ response to “How’s business?” I liked it a lot better than mine. So much so I’m going to adopt it. He answered, “It is as good as can be expected”. This response is an open interpretation that is full of possibility; full of expectation.

Chapter four of The Science of Getting Rich is so full of juicy juice, nifty nuggets, grains of gold. WW gives us the first principle of getting rich. Oh goody, goody gosh. He states;

“To think what you want to think is to think TRUTH, regardless of appearances”.

WW goes on to say that a man that has the ability to think what he wants to think is a Master Mind. If I say to myself, “Nicole, you are a master mind”, and proceed to act accordingly that’s all I have to do right?

Well maybe, but what precedes my actions? My thoughts. What really hit home for me is the sentence WW has just before the 1st principle

“A man’s way of doing things is a direct result of the way he thinks about things”.

An example from my life that illustrates; it was a time when I was hard up for cash at Christmas. I was 8 months pregnant and didn’t have a crib, clothing, any diapers; none of the “necessities” welcome our new baby, due in January. With every gift I opened on Christmas day, my thoughts were, “how much cash can I get for this if I return it to the store”. It wasn’t a lot of money. The gifts really held more value as gifts as they were selected by friends and family for me. However, I followed through on the thought that preceded the action, I return everything that wasn’t homemade and bought diapers.

Today was another short cash-flow day. On a recent business trip I took a cooler of food so I didn’t have to eat out. My thoughts about this were about saving the little bit of cash I’d usually spend on eating out. But, what if . . . what if I chose to eat from a cooler as a personal choice, a preferred option because it’s healthier, (fast food makes me sick, truly). Oh man, nothing changed, nothing changed about the situation, only my thought about the situation. . . I’m all teary-eyed.

Sustained, consecutive thought, according to WW, is the hardest work in the world especially when TRUTH is contrary to appearances. Can I, will I, be able to turn my next “poor mans” thought from straw into gold?

PRACTICING MY PURPOSE – I will take on trust and accept with absolute faith that the principles and concepts taught in this book are true. – Rich Glossary

The Path of Least Resistance



RIGHTY RICH QUOTE: “There is abundance of opportunity for the man who will go with the tide, instead of trying to swim against it”. Wallace D. Wattles

Last fall Curtis (my honey) and I went on a rock hounding trip to look for turquoise. We paid a fee to go to a turquoise mine with the pretense that, at minimum, we would come away with some nice samples for our collection. 

I don’t profess to know how turquoise, other minerals, semi-precious or precious stones occur in nature, but after some time digging around the dry Nevada mountainside in the hot autumn sun, we found a vein about one inch wide of the lower quality (it was soft and breaks when touched) stuff tunneling along a path of least resistance.

We followed, digging with our shovels and picks in the hopes of finding the quality stuff at the end of the vein. We were told that a “nugget” of turquoise is found when the veins along which the minerals travel get stopped up. Then the glob of minerals form a turquoise nugget to be admired; for creating quality jewelry.

It is here, at the end of the tunnel, that the minerals can no longer go anywhere, can no longer “go with the tide”, the path of least resistance, that the becomes hard and valuable. So, forgive me for questioning the wisdom of the Quote of the Day, WW. Were we not taught in Sunday school that life is hard, but keep trying because in the long run, it is worth it? Isn’t there a famous Robert Frost poem about taking the path least used? And, are we not taught that the early bird that gets the worm? Think about it, if that worm-eating bird had gone “with the tide”, she’d have slept in like I do on so many, many morning. I know I should get up, go for a run, get to the office early, but that “going with the tide” is actively battling between the two me’s that occupy the same dream. The part of me that says, “Go with the tide”, that keeps my head on the pillow and my fingers hitting snooze, just one more time.

Well, well . . . since WW isn’t here to defend his statement (how convenient for him), it’s up to me to accept the statement on faith or try the truth of it in practice. Upon examination, I have determined “going with the tide” is one of the purposes of this blog; I’ve seen evidence that blogs with great content can actually make the blogger some money. So, I’m flowing with the tide of this moment in the history of man by learning to use tools of the Internet like this Word Press blog. What fun.

PRACTICING MY PURPOSE: Today I watched 3 u-tube videos on using TAGS and how add them to my POSTS. Then I added TAGS to all three previous posts. Now I wonder where spell check is? If you know (or see a blarring typo), please share! Rich Glossary

Even Blockheads Get Rich

GRATITUDE QUOTE: “When I am forced to think, I expand my mental capacity. When I expand my mental capacity, I increase my wealth”. Nicole Stoddard, Seeker 

CHAPTER 2:  There is a Science of Getting Rich Chapter 2

RIGHTLY RICH QUOTE: “. . . like causes always produce like effects; and therefore, any man or woman who learns to do things in ths Certain Way will infallibly get rich”.

In chapter two, Wallace Wattles (WW) relieves some of the anexity I feel regarding my my capacity and ability (or the lack thereof) to become rich. He states; “even blockheads get rich”. Don’t think for a moment that I would ever call myself blockhead, however, I will admint I do blockheaded things quite regularily, (imagine Homer Simpson bonking himself on the head, “Doy!”).     Continue reading Even Blockheads Get Rich

We live for the Mind, the Body, and the Soul

GRATITUDE QUOTE: “The aims of the 2nd half of life are different than those of the first”.  –  Carl Jung, Psychologist

It is not a coincidence that I made the decision, the choice to be rich at the dawning of the 2nd half of my life. I’m 47, so I consider myself “half baked”. If I live to be 100, I have a delightful 50 years of earning and yearning, growing and blowing, winning and grinning my way through the richness of life.  No, it is not coincidence, it is providence in action.

CHAPTER 1: The Right To Be Rich Chapter 1

RIGHTLY RICH QUOTE: “It is in the use of material things that a man finds full life for his body, develops his minds, and unfolds his sould”.

Through-out the chapter Wallace talks about the body, mind and soul for almost the whole 1st chapter. It is as if there are three of me; my body, my mind, my soul. If you are a church-goer; the likeness to the God-head; Father, Son, & Holy Spirit are evident here. According to Wallace; in order to live fully, one must live for the body, and for the mind, and for the soul.

PRACTICING MY PURPOSE: Today I will nurture my body with good food and exercise. I will practice yoga to calm my mind and feed my soul.