Even Blockheads Get Rich

GRATITUDE QUOTE: “When I am forced to think, I expand my mental capacity. When I expand my mental capacity, I increase my wealth”. Nicole Stoddard, Seeker 

CHAPTER 2:  There is a Science of Getting Rich Chapter 2

RIGHTLY RICH QUOTE: “. . . like causes always produce like effects; and therefore, any man or woman who learns to do things in ths Certain Way will infallibly get rich”.

In chapter two, Wallace Wattles (WW) relieves some of the anexity I feel regarding my my capacity and ability (or the lack thereof) to become rich. He states; “even blockheads get rich”. Don’t think for a moment that I would ever call myself blockhead, however, I will admint I do blockheaded things quite regularily, (imagine Homer Simpson bonking himself on the head, “Doy!”).    

Doing things is a Certain Way referres to “laws that govern the process of acquiring riches”. WW says, “once these laws are learned and obeyed by any man, (or woman, I might add) he will get rich with mathematical certainty”.

Further, I am encouraged by the idea that I can begin doing things in the Certain Way in my present business and in my present location. Wow! Let’s get this party started.

PRACTICING MY PURPOSE: Completemplation of the natural law that “like causes Rich Glossary always produce like effects”.

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