Striking It Rich

By all appearances, panning for gold is a thankless job. For your efforts, and if you are damn lucky, you’ll have a tiny glass vile with gold dust in the bottom.

However, show me the bearer of such a small vile filled with gold dust, and you will come to know someone with real faith. They always have a tall-tale to tell, and just like the fish story about the “big” one that got away, they tell their gold fever story with such vim and vigor, they’ll having you believing that a gold nugget is just around the next river bend.

Yes, by appearance, a tiny vile of gold dust that may seem insignificant. However, given time and added together with other gold fines, you eventually get enough gold to make something of real value. This is an example of dilberate action in a consistent direction.

The study of the language of The Science of Getting Rich is much like panning for gold. Understand each the words through delberate action (study each day), and have faith (a consistant direction) that you will be led to a gold nugget just around the next bend.

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