Hold My Vision While Acting

GRATITUDE QUOTE:  Do you know what happened to the boy that suddenly got everything he ever wanted . . . he was very happy. Gene Wilder, Actor, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

CHAPTER 12 – Efficient Action

RIGHTLY RICH QUOTE: “. . . and as in the nature of things every success opens the way to other successes, your progress toward what you want, and the progress of what you want toward you, will be come increasingly rapid”.

In Chapter 12 of the Science of Getting Rich is the sequential order for making successes vs. failures and Wallace D. Wattles tell us exactly how to do it . . . Make each act a success by putting POWER into it. . .

And how does one put power into it? By holding ones VISION with FAITH and PURPOSE.

May we be true to our nature . . .

 Human-beings always evolving.

Who would we be if we were not human-beings . . .


What would we be if not Consciousness.


PRACTICING MY PURPOSE: I will cultivate my VISION with clarity, with GRATITUDE and FAITH! For I know that Supreme Intelligence is working for me and through me to receive and express that to which I give my attention.

I celebrate and reap the benefits of having what I want; a loving husband and great dog, a sunny day in paradise, huckleberries!

I am so blessed in the present moment. I embrace it all.  THANK YOU – THANK YOU – THANK YOU!

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