I Can’t Complain . . .

How often we hear this statement, “I can’t complain. . .” as if it precludes that the person saying it is actually complaining but is pretending (to the person they are talking to at least) that they are not complaining.

I find “complaining” to be a SORRY excuse for expressing myself, and I am training myself to shun its use in conversation. But how?

THERE’S THE CATCH – I have friends that encourage, even bait me in the use of complaining under the guise of making conversation. And, I’m aware that I don’t need others to bait me into the act of complaining. I engage myself in the act with more regularity than I care to admit. 

During one of many “gripe sessions” over a glass of wine with my friend Penny, I said; “I wonder what we’d talk about if we weren’t complaining about . . . . (put your favorite gripe here)”? Neither one of us had an answer.

THERE YOU HAVE IT – Complaining is a a poor excuse for entertainment, edification, education, and especially for communication. What is it? What purpose does it serve? Is it a just a smoke screen for REALL communication? What would REAL communication sound like?

What would I have to say, in casual conversation, without a gripe to share with my neighbor, acquaintence, or friend? . . .  I welcome your thoughts on this matter, or should I say. . . human condition. (click here)

Oh yeah! That’s why we (human beings) talk about the weather! But, beware . . . that can be a complaint too. TOO HOT! TOO COLD! TOO WINDY!  


Nicole Stoddard, Seeker

“I can’t complain, but sometimes I still do. Life’s been good to me so far”. Joe Walsh, Musician, Uncle*

 *If we LOVE EM’, they’re family!

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