Know What You Want To “Be” Or Not To “Be”

GRATITUDE QUOTE: God Bless Us Everyone – Tiny Tim, A Christmas Carol

CHAPTER 15: The Advancing Man

RIGHTLY RICH QUOTE: The man who is certain to advance is the one who is too big for his place, and who has a clear concept of what he wants to be; who knows that he can become what he wants to be and who is determined to be what he wants to be.

In advancing ones own cause, Walter D. Wattles advises that a man (or in my case, a woman) must not only be too large for their current place, but must also have a clear concept of what they want to be. . . I want to be RICH.

I ask myself, how can I ever, ever be too big for my place? And, depending upon ones perspective – I’m already rich. Here’s a story to demonstrate;

A couple of years ago a Christian touring group of children from India came to our little town and presented a musical play to earn money for the cause of bringing schools and roads to get to the schools for children in rural areas of India.

Two of the children and their adult leader stayed overnight at my house, and though we don’t speak the same dialect, one thing was very clear, they thought we were rich. I tried to explain, but with no success, we were not rich by American standards. I knew the moment the words left my mouth that what I was saying was simply a matter of perspective.

We have roads and vehicles that can travel on those roads with speed and ease. In the village where these children live, they often do not see a friend or relative from a neighboring village for months or years at a time because transportation between villages is non-existent.

We have food on the table every night. The leader of the children that stayed with us had experienced hunger as an orphaned child, and now was dedicating her life to making hunger a thing of the past for the children in her care.

I have a great job; I get to work with my husband and son every day. I have lots of caring and supportive friends. My extended family lives within a few hours’ drive. These people are the rock on which I build my sense of Being. My well-being and the well-being of my loved ones is never questioned, just assumed.

Does that not make me very RICH indeed?

I just LOVE the phase that Wattles uses in the last paragraph of Chapter 15, “constitution of the cosmos”. The word constitution has many meanings that one can run with when used in the context of cosmos. I like to think that my constitution and the constitution of the cosmos are becoming aligned more firmly each day as I continue to formulate a clearer vision of my purpose; and act and think in the Certain Way.

PRACTICING MY PURPOSE: With thanksgiving, I enter with confidence upon the path of riches which I now rightly claim for my good and the good of all. I give thanks for the opportunities that come my way and trust, as I’m being guided by the cosmos, the opportunities I choose will bring me the things I want to have, do, and be.

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