Mental Tools, Faculities, Talents

GRATITUDE QUOTE: The more often you do a thing, the more likely you are to do it again. There is no certainty that you will gain anything else from repetition than a likelihood of further repetition.  Idries Shah, Sufi Master

CHAPTER 13: Getting Into The Right Business

RIGHTLY RICH QUOTE: “. . . if you have a strong desire to engage in any particular line of work, you should select that work as the ultimate end at which you aim”.

My old-self was in a real-downer when I started reading Chapter 13. I decided to list all the Mental Tools, Faculties, and Talents I have in a well-developed state and determined that I’m 49 years old and can’t profess to be a expert at anything. 

Walter D. Waddles must have had the same experience or sensed that his readers would, for he reminded me that the Desire to do a thing is certain proof that there is power to do it. 

“Desire is a manifestation of power.”

Also, there is no talent for which I do not at least have the rudiment. Therefore, I can develop mental tools, faculties, and talents that will make me rich and I can be grateful that such tools are at hand; for this is truth, not according to appearances, but according to my faith and purpose to have and do and be what I want to be, RICH.

PRACTICING MY PURPOSE: I am grateful that I have the skills, in a well-developed state, to bring about the doing of the work that is to make me rich. I have faith that new tools; the people, things, and skills I need are made available to me now. 

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