New Habits vs Old Habits

“Everyday I learn a little more about love”. JD Loudermilk.

Take the term “belief”. By the very nature of the definition of this word. . . (to accept and real or true) even after the belief has out-worn its welcome/becomes irrelevant, it may hang on unconsciously, held in collective consciousness for generations.

“I believe” the fastest way to dis-spell a belief that no longer serves its host is to shine the light of consciousness on it.

Let’s examine the commonly accepted belief that “old habits die hard.” How is it that so many of us accept this to be “fact” when, if held under the light of consciousness, it’s just an assumed belief, and a bullshit one at that.

I’ll grant that there is a lot of evidence to “prove” that belief to be a “true fact”. However, since I have come to accept that things are formed in thought before they are formed in the physical word, (See the Science of Getting Rich by Walter D Wattles) I offer the following for your consideration;

“New habits replace old ways of thinking with ease!” . . . . as easily as the cells of my body are sluffed off and replaced daily. In just one year every cell in my body will have been replaced with new cells.

We are all presented with the opportunity to program each cell with new information that we create in this moment. Listen . . . and, hear what my new cells say;

“Celebrate Life”

“All good things are available to me/us now”

I’m like a flower bed where you are invited to visit. Bring a pair of clippers in case you would like to take some of my flowers home with you . . .

“Take one of these”.

“Here, take one of those”.

“thank you God . . . I always have more than enough to share!”

Thank you that today I’m warmed by your presence; my husband is home. We have food in the fridge. My children are safe. I’m so grateful.

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