The Path of Least Resistance

 GRATITUDE QUOTE: IS OPPORTUNITY MONOPOLIZED?: Chapter 3 RIGHTY RICH QUOTE: “There is abundance of opportunity for the man who will go with the tide, instead of trying to swim against it”. Wallace D. Wattles Last fall Curtis (my honey) and I went on a rock hounding trip to look for turquoise. We paid a fee to go to a turquoise mine with the pretense that, at minimum, we would come away with some nice samples for our collection.  I don’t profess to know how turquoise, other minerals, semi-precious or precious stones occur in nature, but after some time digging around the dry Nevada mountainside in the hot autumn sun, we found … Continue reading

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Even Blockheads Get Rich

GRATITUDE QUOTE: “When I am forced to think, I expand my mental capacity. When I expand my mental capacity, I increase my wealth”. Nicole Stoddard, Seeker  CHAPTER 2:  There is a Science of Getting Rich Chapter 2 RIGHTLY RICH QUOTE: “. . . like causes always produce like effects; and therefore, any man or woman who learns to do things in ths Certain Way will infallibly get rich”. In chapter two, Wallace Wattles (WW) relieves some of the anexity I feel regarding my my capacity and ability (or the lack thereof) to become rich. He states; “even blockheads get rich”. Don’t think for a moment that I would ever call myself blockhead, however, I will admint I do blockheaded things … Continue reading

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We live for the Mind, the Body, and the Soul

GRATITUDE QUOTE: “The aims of the 2nd half of life are different than those of the first”.  –  Carl Jung, Psychologist It is not a coincidence that I made the decision, the choice to be rich at the dawning of the 2nd half of my life. I’m 47, so I consider myself “half baked”. If I live to be 100, I have a delightful 50 years of earning and yearning, growing and blowing, winning and grinning my way through the richness of life.  No, it is not coincidence, it is providence in action. CHAPTER 1: The Right To Be Rich Chapter 1 RIGHTLY RICH QUOTE: “It is in … Continue reading

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