Sitting On The Fence Can Give You A Wedgie

In Chapter 4 we are first introduced to the truth that thoughts held in formless substance produces the thing that is imaged by the thought. Walter D. Wattles admonishes the seeker (that’s me and you) to steer clear of ideas, teachings, books, media, and news that might shake my faith. Thought sounds like what I was admonished to do in Sunday School; “Avoid the very appearance of evil”.

As the watcher of my thoughts I notice that I sit on the fence a lot. I second guess one thing or a series of things that I’m doing or thinking, and I hope I can hop the fence and try the other way of doing things . . . before its too late.

Often I do this in my mind in a matter of seconds without actually acting on the things I’m thinking about. But, if Wattles is correction, just thinking the “thing” is enough to offset all the work I did practicing my faith by impressing formless substance with my desire to be rich.

If I’m doing this in my mind during the times of consciousness, it’s possible I’m doing this all the time, not just when I’m wathcing myself strattling that fence; getting a big fat wedgie.

I’m reminded me of a line from a Zepplin song, “. . . there’s still time to change the road you are on.”

Surely such confusion is harmful to my purpose to become rich. Surely “sitting on the fence” will not increase my chances of getting and enjoying the things I want. Far from it. If what Wattles is saying if true, and I believe that it is, “No thought of form can be inpressed upon Original Substance without causing the creation of the form”.

Just how responsible am I for what I think? Am I trustworthy?

Practicing My Purpose: I just erased everything I wrote a moment ago. I will practice being grateful becuase I feel shakey today. The Dow went down over 500 points, or so the news says. I have no idea what this means or how it affects me; and yet I’m so worried that it does affect me, or will affect me in some way that if I knew what to do I could do it now. I’m fence sitting again.

“To think what I want to think is the think TRUTH, regardless of appearances”. Chapter 4

Thank you Formless Substance for the aiblity I have to think what I want to think. I think abundance.

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