The Path of Least Resistance



RIGHTY RICH QUOTE: “There is abundance of opportunity for the man who will go with the tide, instead of trying to swim against it”. Wallace D. Wattles

Last fall Curtis (my honey) and I went on a rock hounding trip to look for turquoise. We paid a fee to go to a turquoise mine with the pretense that, at minimum, we would come away with some nice samples for our collection. 

I don’t profess to know how turquoise, other minerals, semi-precious or precious stones occur in nature, but after some time digging around the dry Nevada mountainside in the hot autumn sun, we found a vein about one inch wide of the lower quality (it was soft and breaks when touched) stuff tunneling along a path of least resistance.

We followed, digging with our shovels and picks in the hopes of finding the quality stuff at the end of the vein. We were told that a “nugget” of turquoise is found when the veins along which the minerals travel get stopped up. Then the glob of minerals form a turquoise nugget to be admired; for creating quality jewelry.

It is here, at the end of the tunnel, that the minerals can no longer go anywhere, can no longer “go with the tide”, the path of least resistance, that the becomes hard and valuable. So, forgive me for questioning the wisdom of the Quote of the Day, WW. Were we not taught in Sunday school that life is hard, but keep trying because in the long run, it is worth it? Isn’t there a famous Robert Frost poem about taking the path least used? And, are we not taught that the early bird that gets the worm? Think about it, if that worm-eating bird had gone “with the tide”, she’d have slept in like I do on so many, many morning. I know I should get up, go for a run, get to the office early, but that “going with the tide” is actively battling between the two me’s that occupy the same dream. The part of me that says, “Go with the tide”, that keeps my head on the pillow and my fingers hitting snooze, just one more time.

Well, well . . . since WW isn’t here to defend his statement (how convenient for him), it’s up to me to accept the statement on faith or try the truth of it in practice. Upon examination, I have determined “going with the tide” is one of the purposes of this blog; I’ve seen evidence that blogs with great content can actually make the blogger some money. So, I’m flowing with the tide of this moment in the history of man by learning to use tools of the Internet like this Word Press blog. What fun.

PRACTICING MY PURPOSE: Today I watched 3 u-tube videos on using TAGS and how add them to my POSTS. Then I added TAGS to all three previous posts. Now I wonder where spell check is? If you know (or see a blarring typo), please share! Rich Glossary

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