The Perfect Pitch

GRATITUDE QUOTE: If you don’t do it by yourself, you’ll never know if you’re any good and if you don’t know that you’re good, you’ll never be good. Jim Collins, Author, Good to Great

CHAPTER 7: Thinking In The Cetain Way

RIGHTLY RICH QUOTE: “Pray without ceasing. And by prayer I mean holding steadily to your vision, with the purpose to cause its creation into solid form, and the faith that you are doing so.”

I’ve neglected to write my blog for over a week. I had committed
to write every week for a total of 16 weeks (that is how many chapters there
are) and the “Meany” in me says, “Well, well, that’s about par
for the course”. What a dumb saying . . . I don’t even like golf.

My intention here . . . now . . . is to be honest without being
negative. After Chapter 7, I was feeling sweet, syrupy, and down-right grateful.

Today, keeping the demon down feels next to impossible; is it because
of the content of Chapter 8?

Is it because the appearance of things in my life that seems less
than positive?

Is this just what I do; the pattern of starting the next great
thing that’s going to make my life better, and then berating myself a little way
into it?

I love starting things; sticking with them isn’t as easy and
certainly not as much fun as the thrill of starting something new.

Chapter 8 is only half the way through the book. Surely, as a
full-grown adult woman, I have the ability to write a 16 week blog experiment,

. . . . . Let’s get on with Chapter 8.

Once you (I) have the vision of what I want, Wattles suggests
making an oral statement . . . and from that moment, I must receive the
thing/s that I asked for in my imagination the very way I expect them to be when
they really come to me.

In Toastmasters and in an Entrepreneurial training I attend, such
an oral statement might be referred to as an Elevator Speech; a coherent
statement you make to a potential customer, business investor, or other
person/s you want to impress with your ideas, concepts, or business plan.

The trick is, I only have from the time I enter the elevator,
with said person I wish to impress, till the time I get off the elevator to
make the impression stick.

If, in that amount of time I make a lasting impression, I
might get the contract, the deal, a chance to really WOW them off their feet.

In the case of making an oral statement to the Supreme, not only
am I in an elevator that is going UP (as opposed to coming down) I’m in
the presence of Awesomeness, the Being of Beingness.

I can just hear myself stutter, “A . . . okay now . . . wow!
This is cool. Okay . . . okay”.

Ding. Times up. The elevator opens, Supreme Being steps out, and I
have just blown it.

I guess you can tell what kind of day I am having.

The elevator analogy; only having a short time to try to make an
impression has certainly made an impression on me. I’ve read The Science of
Getting Rich many times. This is the first time I’ve actually tried to pen my
desires in a coherent statement;

My Intention is “To Have All the Time of Every Day Readily
Available to Me to Do What I Want, When I Want, and With Whom I Want

It is that simple. And in order for me to Receive My Intention, Fulfill
My Purpose, Live My Vision . . . all the monetary needs for myself, my spouse,
and my family must be handled from now and into future generations of the
Stoddard clan.

I have spoken. So be it!

Rich Quotes have CHANGED to FEARLESS RESOLVE (share and care quote of the week) – starting with Chapter 8

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