The Truth Shall Bare You Out

My waking thought, “the truth shall bare you out”, rolled around in my noggin’ until I finally got up and wrote it down. I interpret this to say that TRUTH is the mother giving¬† rise to a new me.

According to Wattles, the first principal in the science of getting rich is to “. . . think TRUTH, regardless of appearances.” This first principal comes at a price; “To think according to appearance is easy; to think truth regardless of appearance is laborious, and requires the expenditure of more power than an other work man is called upon to perform.”

The labor of giving birth is not known generally perceived as being “easy”. However, I wonder if we all decided and agreed that from now on – it would be easy, would that agreed upon belief make it so?

Or is it a simple truth of fact that to gain a new perspective (give birth) one must let go of an old one and sometimes that can be painful.

An early childhood memory; a scene from Kindergarten where the doors from outside the school to inside the classroom were painted bright primary colors. I remember that we had waited for a caterpillar to build its cocoon. It sat in a mason jar on the counter, mostly unnoticed until one day the butterfly was ready to be born.

We followed as our teacher took a mason jar that contained the chrysalis propped up on the twig outside. We hovered over the top of the glass jar watching, waiting.¬† It didn’t take long. After a struggle to free itself from the sticky shell, the wet wings stretched and revealed their color. Then the butterfly, a monarch took flight; flutter, flutter. We watched, heads tilted up, until we lost track of its curling motions.

I was captivated by the whole event that was not caused or created by human hands. I had an out of body experience – or so it appears from today’s lens on the past, in which I was watching myself and the other children watching the butterfly take flight.

Watching myself watching. Does that mean there are two of me?

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