What I Can and Will Use is Abundant Life

GRATITUDE QUOTE: “Resolve to perform what you ought; perform without fail what you resolve” Ben Franklin 



If you have not done so, read Chapter 6 and then read this blog. When I practice impressing my desires upon Formless Substance, my mind fills the need to justify my desires; as if I need to prove . . . somehow . . . to Providence, or God, to the World, to the All in everything, or to the Formless Substance from which all things are made, that I am worthy and justified in making my request. In contemplating why this may be happening, I following this train of thought back to a story from my youth. Since I’m fond of telling stories and this is a good one because I felt “justified”, I’ll share it to you.

During my teen-age years I spent my summers working at our family owned fast food restaurant slinging taco’s. One summer, I save $279.00 (I can still remember the exact
amount) to buy a set of down-hill skies. When the time came, I went to the “cool” ski store to purchase my skies. I found a pair I liked, pulled out my cash to pay, but my mom stopped me. She had, I discovered, intended to thwart my plan to own a pair of skies all along and was using every means whereby to stop me from making my purchase. “They’re too expensive”. “You won’t be able to find rides to the Sundance ski hill”. “So,
maybe you can afford the skies, but how will you pay for the lift ticket”. . . . You get the idea.

Why she was determined I would not own the skies, I don’t really know. Maybe she didn’t really believe I would save the money to buy them. But, I can be stubborn too. I felt completely justified (and worthy) in my decision to own skies. I’d set my sites on owning the skies, worked all summer to save the money, and therefore, I would buy them. So, even though it caused a huge riff between my mother and me, I bought the skies.

Instead of a warm fuzzy feeling that should, in my opinion, follow having received the reward for which I had worked hard all summer to obtain, I felt bedraggled, downtrodden, and guilty in my gut. I had gone against my mother’s wishes.

Now, whether or not this experience following me into the present and still controls some or any of my ability to receive the riches that are ready for me to receive this day, I don’t know and further, it doesn’t matter. Old belief systems serve
one in days of old. NOW is the time to be grateful for what I have received and what I am about to receive, free and unencumbered by my past.

I BELIEVE that shortest route to using the WILL to impress my desires upon Formless Substance is to break my desires down in increments that are small enough for me to form them in my mind very clearly (like the man in chapter 6 that asked for a rug and a heat stove for his house), then to ask for increase in “all that you (I) can or will use for living of the most abundant life”.

PRACTICING MY PURPOSE: I am asking for a riding lawn-mower. It’s not that our push-mower has stopped working or that I am ungrateful for it. I’m very grateful that I enjoy mowing and always have. My parents had a large yard and I mowed it weekly (while working on my tan). I give thanks for my push-mower being kept in good working order. I’m grateful I have able legs and arms to use it. However, to make the most of myself, I desire to have a riding mower, as the time it will  free up will allow me to work on asking for and receiving more of the things that add to a larger more abundant life; the bigger picture of the things I want to be able to have and use.